Name Effect Reqs Other
Acheron's MiterLVL 20++10 Wood Salvage
Alchemist StoneTurns iron ore into gold ore
Alchemist's MortarAlchemy
Anvil of Veldan+10 Forging
Arna's Gilded ToolsLVL 20++10 Jewelry Salvage
Asha's AugerLVL 20++10 Leather Salvage
Blacksmith HammerForging
Cake KnifeSlices pies and cakes
Carpenters ToolsCarpentry
Carpentry ToolsetLVL 20++10 Carpentry
Casting PoleRanged fishingFlycasting
Cloth Salvage ToolsCloth Salvage
Command WhipLVL 20++10 Leadership
Divining RodLocates areas with seeds
Dragonian Skinning KnifeDoubles regular skinned hidesLVL 100+No Drop
Empty Bucket
Empty Measuring Cup
Empty Milk Bottle
Enchanted Foraging StickLVL 45++20 Foraging
Esabeth's HandloomLVL 20++10 Cloth Salvage
Farm ScytheHarvesting
Farming Almanac+10 Planting
Farming ShovelPlanting
Felling AxeDoubles all logs+5 Lumberjacking
Fishing LureAttracts fish
Fishing PoleFlycasting
Foraging StickForaging
Fortified Mining PickMining
Gem MortarRunecrafting
Goldsmith ToolsGold Repair
Golih's Cane PoleRanged fishing, catches SoC fishNo Drop
Heavy Foraging StickLVL 20++10 Foraging
Heavy Mining PickMining
Jewelers ToolsJewelry Making
Jewelry Salvage ToolsJewelry Salvage
Leather Salvage ToolsLeather Salvage
Leatherworking ToolsLeatherworking
Lobster TrapCatches lobstersFlycasting
Logging AxeLVL 20++10 Lumberjacking
Lumberjack AxeLumberjacking
Magic Leather ToolsLVL 20++20 Leatherworking
Magic Skinning KnifeDoubles regular skinned hidesLVL 20++20 Skinning
Metal Salvage ToolsMetal Salvage
Mixing BowlMixing
Mixing SpoonMixing
Motherlode StoneLocates areas with ore
Mystic Orb of Forging+30 Forging
Mystic Orb of Jewel Crafting+30 Jewelry Making
Mystic Orb of Leatherworking+30 Leatherworking
Mystic Orb of Tailoring+30 Sewing
Mystic ScissorsLVL 20++10 Sewing
Mystical Jewelers ToolsLVL 20++10 Jewelry Making
Numinous Runecrafting Tool+10 Runecrafting
Oyster BucketCatches oystersFlycasting
Pick AxeMining
Runecrafting ToolRunecrafting
Scythe of UthienLVL 20++10 Harvesting
SextantShows coordinate location
ShearsObtains wool from sheep
Silver SpoonLVL 20++10 Mixing
Skinning KnifeSkinning
SledgehammerDestroys house itemsConstruction
Stonebiter PickLVL 20++10 Mining
Sturdy ShovelPlanting
Surveyor ToolLocates house plotsConstruction
Totem MoldRunecrafting
Trainer's WhipLeadership
Two Bladed SawLVL 20++10 Milling
Veldan's HammerLVL 20++10 Forging
Veldan's TongsLVL 20++10 Metal Salvage
Wereskin KnifeMakes wearable animal skinsSkinning
Wood Salvage ToolsWood Salvage