Fixed issue with editing character stats Sep 24, 2018
I just fixed a bug where the character stats could not be edited. Thanks for the bug report from The Mage Merlin! And sorry about the long delay before it was fixed.

- Era
Steam/Update/Christmas is Coming!! Jan 1, 2016
The Pixel Mine Staff have posted some exciting news for the game that I'm going to repost here for more visibility.

Hello Ashen Empires Fans!

We have some exciting news for 2016! We are readying Ashen Empires to be submitted to Steam for Greenlight.

How will this help the game? Steam is the premier PC game service and has 90 million plus members. With Ashen Empires in their catalog, it will increase the visibility of the game which will provide a boost in the number of players. More players means more developer support will be possible as we move the game forward.

What is Steam Greenlight? Steam Greenlight is a system that enlists the community's help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam.

What can you do to help? First, we want to capture movies of Ashen Empires gameplay with lots of different players online. We also will grab some new screenshots showing our top players in action. This will help Steam users who are unfamiliar with the game get a real taste of what it's all about. To do this we would like you to log in and play. To give a bit of incentive, we will offer ONE MONTH FREE of VIP time if you log in and play over the weekend of January 9th and 10th.

We will send out another newsletter when we have turned on our Steam Greenlight submission. At that time we will ask that you go to our Steam page (we will share a link) and vote for Ashen Empires to be greenlit and added to the Steam Library.

Don't worry, Ashen Empires will remain FREE TO PLAY. If you haven't played in awhile, you should jump in and get your skills up to par. You can download the game launcher to start playing within minutes -- or jump into the conversation on the forums.

When the Greenlight is accepted there will be a new UPDATE to the game made available. We know that many of you have waited a very long time for a big update to the game. We won't spoil too many of the details but several things that players have been lo(n)ging for for a very lo(n)g time will be included.

If you don't have a Steam account, you can create one now and download the Steam client by clicking this link. It's FREE, so there is absolutely no risk to you.

Thanks for all of your support!

The Pixel Mine Staff

Original post:

TL;DR - Ashen Empires is about to be submitted to Steam Greenlight, and there's a couple things the community needs to do to help out. First, everyone should try to login and play over the weekend of Jan 9 and 10 (of this year!) so that they can capture some cool action videos for promoting the game on Greenlight. You get a free month of VIP for just logging in and playing. Second, after the game is on Greenlight, everyone needs to go vote for the game to be greenlit, or else we'll miss out on our chance to be on Steam, and miss out on getting potentially hundreds of new players! They will make another post once it's on Greenlight, which I will also copy here.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Bank Item Adding Shortcut on Item Details Pages Jun 6, 2014
As suggested by player Sambucca, the item details page has been updated to include a button to add that specific item to your item bank. If you are logged in and visit an item page, such as the one for Sword of a Thousand Truths, you can find a button under the tooltip to add one to your Item Bank on the website.

I know some of y'all have submitted other suggestions to me that I haven't gotten around to yet. Usually if it's an easy and worthwhile change, like this one, then I can do it pretty quickly. Some other suggestions I've gotten are good but are much more involved, like adding the option to manually pick gear items in the optimizer. One of the biggest roadblocks to implementing these more complicated additions is that I built this website like 2 years ago and I can't stand looking at the old and bad code. I have plans to reconstruct this entire website to make it more maintainable and also more visually appealing.
Contact Form Bug Fix Jan 22, 2014
A user reported to me that when you are logged in there was a bug that prevented you from submitting the contact form. This issue has now been fixed, sorry for any previous inconveniences!
Gear optimizer update Jul 26, 2013
A user (Vogar) suggested that the optimizer should show how many stat orbs are available to the player at his/her level. This feature has been added; there's a counter above the level/stat entry area that updates when you change the level or stats to show how many orbs you have remaining.
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