Frequently Asked Questions

• How many items/monsters/drops are on AE Database?
Items: 3243
Monsters: 474
Drops: 10227
Votes on drops: 22104

These numbers are always up to date.
• What do "WWT" and "WWT+107" mean for DPS?
"WWT" means it is the DPS of the weapon including the speed reduction from a Werewolf Totem (-0.4). "WWT+107" means the DPS of the weapon when using a Werewolf Totem and the speed reduction from the level 107 advanced skill Speed of the Viper (10% reduction from original speed). Weapon speed caps out at 0.75.
• On the weapon tables, what does it mean if the DPS is red?
These weapons have the highest DPS for their level. It can change depending on whether you're viewing the original, WWT, or WWT+107 DPS. It will also change depending on your filtering options. For example, if you don't have expansions and you're looking for the best large blades to use, then uncheck all the expansions in the filter box and filter the results. There will now be a different set of DPS's that are highlighted in red to accommodate your restrictions on stats or expansions.
• What does it mean when there is a green highlight in the background of an item?
These appear in the armor and weapon tables and it signifies that you have that item in your item bank on the website. They only appear when you are logged in, and you have the option to turn off the highlighting in your account settings.
• Do I need to login to add a drop?
No. Anyone, whether logged in or not, can add drops. They can be added from either the item or monster pages.
• How do I add a drop?
When you click on the name of any item or monster, you will see an area to add drop information. On an item page, you can add monsters that drop that item. On a monster page, you can add items that the monster drops. The easiest way to get to these item and monster pages is to search for them using the box on the left. Next to "Add a drop" (from monster page) or "Add a monster" (from item page), type in the item/monster and either click on one of the suggestions that pops up, or press enter. Your submission will instantly become visible.
• What do I do if I made a mistake in adding a drop?
The easiest option is to login and then vote down the bad drop so that it can be located by the admin, but this does not guarantee deletion because it may not be obvious that it was a mistake. More effectively, you can contact the website admin directly by either messaging Era in game (on Legends) or using the Contact Form.
• Can I add drops that I'm not 100% sure about?
Yes. It's not recommended since it can reduce the accuracy of the drop lists, but you certainly can. Other people will be able to confirm or disconfirm it.
• How is the accuracy of the drops maintained?
While each drop submission is not looked at individually before going live, the drops are reviewed by anyone in the community as well as by the site admin. You (the community) can help review the drops by putting a +1 on a drop that you are confident is an actual drop, or a -1 if you're pretty sure it's not an actual drop. The site admin will occasionally check for any -1's and remove the corresponding drop submission if it is obviously not a drop from that monster, or if there are quite a few -1's on that drop.
• How does auto upvoting work?
When you submit drop information, there is a checkbox that says "Also upvote the submission" and if you submit a drop with that checked, it will +1 your submission, so you don't have to manually upvote after submitting. By default the checkbox is unchecked, but you can make it checked by default by going to your Account Settings and setting "Auto Upvote" to on (remember to also save the settings). You should turn auto upvoting on if you typically confirm most or all of your drops. You must be logged in to take advantage of this feature, and you also must be logged in to do voting in general.
Buying and Selling
• How do I add items that I want to buy or sell?
You must be logged in to list items that you want to buy or sell. After logging in, you will see a page with links to buy/sell on either Heroes or Legends. Clicking on those links will take you to a form to add stuff you want to buy/sell.
• Do I need to fill in everything on the buy/sell forms?
No. The only fields that are necessary are the item name and the quantity. If you want to specify a token price, then you must fill in both fields. That is, you must specify how many items for how many tokens, otherwise it will think you don't want to have a token price.
• I see something that someone is buying or selling, and I want to sell to them or buy from them. How do I do that?
You must contact the buyer/seller. Click on their name to find out their character names if you want to contact them in-game. From the user's info page you can also find a link to send a message to that user.
• Is there a way to tell if the message I sent got read?
Yes. In the Outbox, messages that have not been read are bolded, and ones that have been read aren't bolded.
• I forgot my password. What do I do?
Visit the Forgot Password page and provide the email address that is associated with your account. Directions will be emailed to that address on how to reset your password. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check the spam folder. If you still have trouble logging in, use the Contact Form to get help.
• I found an item/monster/something else that the site is missing. How can I get it on the site?
Contact the website admin by either messaging Era in game (on Legends) or using the Contact Form. Provide as much information as possible. If it's a missing item, provide all the information in the tooltip and also a screenshot of either the item in the shop window (put the item in your backpack, go to a shop NPC, and take a screenshot of the item there), or equip the item if you can and take a screenshot of your paperdoll. Upload the screenshot somewhere (such as TinyPic) and provide a link to the screenshot. If it's a missing monster, provide the information in the tooltip as well as what damage the monster does, and if possible, whether the monster poisons/diseases/berserks. No screenshot is necessary for monsters.
• Is there a list of items that are missing a picture?
• Can I become an admin to help with information?
No. Currently I'm not allowing for any other admins. That doesn't mean you can't help with information, though.
Website Info
• How long has this website been around?
Construction on this website began on July 10, 2012. It was made public on August 3, 2012.
• What web browsers are this site compatible with?
It has been tested to work on the latest versions of all the major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera). It was developed on Chrome, so that browser is the most compatible. The others will work fine, but it's possible there are small visual bugs. The least compatible is Internet Explorer. I'm aware that some things don't look quite right on IE (for example the edges of the boxes aren't rounded), but everything still works. Stay away from IE if possible.
• Will AE Database be around forever?
Yes, it will stay up as long as the game stays up. Everything is backed up about once a day, so if something happens one day that compromises the website (hackers or something), it can easily be restored with very little rollback. Also, it's pretty inexpensive to keep online, but any donations are welcome.
• Can I use information on AE Database for my own AE fansite?
Yes. I consider the information to be public domain, so my opinion is that the information should be able to be used by anyone freely. And by "information," I am referring to things such as items, monsters, and tradeskills. Copying stuff such as the website layout is definitely frowned upon.
• How can I donate money for the website?
Donations via PayPal are accepted:
Donations will help pay for keeping the domain name ( and the web hosting service. It costs about $20 per year to keep it running, so take that into consideration if you decide to donate.
• Who created/owns this website?