Brood Queen

Brood Queen
Level 60
Spawn: 2 hours
Health: 1,800 / 1,800
Class: Insect
Damage Type: Pierce

70% Mind
+20% Poison

Spawn locations:
Fire Ant Pit
North of Dunmarrow

Add a Drop:

Ant Leg+7
Carved Battle Staff+5
Black Platemail+4
Farmer's Ring+4
Holy Belt+4
Holy Leggings+4
Band of Brilliance+3
Black Belt+3
Black Leggings+3
Farming Almanac+3
Holy Helm+3
Holy Shield+3
Imbued Pine Staff+3
Magic Shield vs Cold+3
Ring of the Healer+3
Superior Leather Armor+3
Bracers of Defense+2
Carved Trident+2
Embossed Leather Sling+2
Hardened Leather Sling+2
Helm of the Fallen+2
Holy Platemail+2
Hunters Large Crossbow+2
Hunters Light Crossbow+2
Imbued Glaive+2
Imbued Great Spear+2
Iron Girdle+2
Krythan Staff+2
Mage Scepter+2
Nimble Fingers+2
Piercing Dagger+2
Ring of Minor Soul Resistance+2
Ring of the Zombie+2
Rusty Spiked Gloves+2
Serrated Short Stiletto+2
Sharpened Hatchet+2
Small Buckler of Might+2
Smelter's Gloves+2
Solid Club+2
Steel Bladed Hatchet+2
Stout War Hammer+2
Sun Gilded Axe+2
Superior Chain Coif+2
Superior Chainmail+2
Superior Cloth Cap+2
Superior Padded Cap+2
Superior Studded Leggings+2
Twisted Rope Belt+2
Veldan's Hammer+2
Very Sturdy Leather Shoes+2
Weighted Double Axe+2
Bear Skin Shield+1
Black Gauntlets+1
Black Helm+1
Black Shield+1
Blackened Rapier+1
Blackened Short Sword+1
Bound Battle Staff+1
Bound Trident+1
Carved Boar Spear+1
Carved Glaive+1
Carved Lance+1
Carved Pine Staff+1
Carved Spear+1
Crusaders Heavy Crossbow+1
Crusaders Large Crossbow+1
Durable Club+1
Durable Mace+1
Durable Morning Star+1
Edged Rapier+1
Embossed Staff Sling+1
Emerald Stalker+1
Engraved Leather Sling+1
Felling Axe+1
Fire Crested Platemail+1
Fishing Vest+1
Gem Crusted Short Bow+1
Gem Encrusted Rapier+1
Gem Encrusted Short Sword+1
Gleaming Bastard Sword+1
Gleaming Broadsword+1
Gleaming Greatsword+1
Gleaming Long Sword+1
Gleaming Sabre+1
Gleaming Short Sword+1
Golden Choker+1
Golden Long Sword+1
Golden Sabre+1
Grand Staff of the Arda+1
Greatsword of Fury+1
Hardened Staff Sling+1
Heavy Battle Staff+1
Heavy Broadsword+1
Heavy Long Sword+1
Heavy Oak Bow+1
Heavy Rapier+1
Heavy Sabre+1
Heavy Short Sword+1
Holy Gauntlets+1
Hunters Wooden Bow+1
Imbued Battle Staff+1
Imbued Boar Spear+1
Imbued Leather Sling+1
Iron Edged Hatchet+1
Iron Edged Light Axe+1
Iron Edged War Axe+1
Iron Scepter+1
Jeweled Anklet+1
Jeweled Choker+1
Large Military Pickaxe+1
Light Crossbow of Fortitude+1
Long Sword+1
Long Sword of Fury+1
Mage Staff+1
Marksmans Wooden Bow+1
Mystic Greaves+1
Oak Rot Root+1
Obsidian Rapier+1
Obsidian Short Sword+1
Piercing Dirk+1
Piercing Falchion+1
Piercing Great Dagger+1
Piercing Poignard+1
Piercing Stiletto+1
Radiant Battle Staff+1
Rapier of the Cat+1
Razor Edged Dagger+1
Razor Edged Great Dagger+1
Razor Edged Short Stiletto+1
Razor Edged Small Dagger+1
Red Glowing Ring+1
Reinforced Axe+1
Reinforced Battle Axe+1
Reinforced Giant Axe+1
Reinforced Great Axe+1
Reinforced Hatchet+1
Reinforced Light Axe+1
Reinforced War Axe+1
Ring of Force+1
Ring of Minor Body Resistance+1
Ring of Minor Mind Resistance+1
Ring of Minor Nature Resistance+1
Ring of Resistance+1
Ring of the Mystic+1
Ritual Blade+1
Robe of Resistance+1
Rusty Bladed Bracers+1
Rusty Punching Daggers+1
Serrated Dagger+1
Serrated Great Dagger+1
Serrated Small Dagger+1
Sharpened Axe+1
Sharpened Double Axe+1
Sharpened Giant Axe+1
Sharpened Great Axe+1
Sharpened Light Axe+1
Sharpened Pole Axe+1
Sharpened Sickle+1
Sharpened War Axe+1
Shield of Lotor+1
Short Sword of Power+1
Short Sword of the Bull+1
Silver Gem Laden Choker+1
SkullCap of Dexterity+1
Small Bow of the Bear+1
Small Pine Bow+1
Solid Flail+1
Solid Giant Club+1
Solid Heavy Flail+1
Solid Mace+1
Solid Morning Star+1
Solid Small Mace+1
Spiked Dagger+1
Spiked Dirk+1
Spiked Falchion+1
Spiked Great Dagger+1
Spiked Poignard+1
Spiked Short Stiletto+1
Spiked Small Dagger+1
Spiked Stiletto+1
Stalkers Heavy Crossbow+1
Stalkers Large Crossbow+1
Stalkers Light Crossbow+1
Stalkers Small Crossbow+1
Stout Club+1
Stout Flail+1
Stout Heavy Flail+1
Stout Mace+1
Stout Maul+1
Stout Morning Star+1
Stout Skull Crusher+1
Sturdy Club+1
Sturdy Small Mace+1
Superior Chain Gloves+1
Superior Chain Leggings+1
Superior Cloth Gloves+1
Superior Flail+1
Superior Gladiator Armor+1
Superior Hardened Armor+1
Superior Leather Cap+1
Superior Leather Gloves+1
Superior Leather Leggings+1
Superior Padded Leather+1
Superior Platemail Helm+1
Superior Platemail Leggings+1
Superior Steel Shield+1
Superior Studded Armor+1
Superior Studded Gloves+1
Tooth Wand+1
Totem of Minor Stamina+1
Tyran Sword+1
Weighted Axe+1
Weighted Battle Axe+1
Weighted Great Axe+1
Weighted Halberd+1
Weighted Hatchet+1
Weighted Pole Axe+1
Weighted Sickle+1
Weighted War Axe+1
Wide Belt+1
Wide Sash+1
Wizard Staff+1
Wizards Hat+1
Wooden Bow of the Warg+1
Battle Helm
Carved Great Spear
Fancy Battle Helm
Fancy Bow
Gleaming Rapier
Golden Helm
Hunters Crossbow
Imbued Bladestaff
Imbued Spear
Imbued Trident
Jeweled Necklace
Large Crossbow
Reinforced Pole Axe
Sabre of Fury
Solid War Hammer
Splinterwood Large Crossbow
Wooden Bow
Sword of a Thousand Truths-1