Level 33
Spawn: 5 hours
Health: 706 / 706
Class: None
Damage Type: Pierce / Disease

100% Disease
+20% Magic Missile

Spawn locations:
Valmond Basement
Inside Valmond

Add a Drop:

Potion of Greater Disease Resistance+10
Potion of Greater Poison+8
Potion of Greater Poison Resistance+7
Potion of Cure Greater Poison+6
Potion of Greater Repair+6
Durable Mace+5
Edged Sabre+5
Ornate Leather Sling+5
Potion of Greater Disease+5
Reinforced Halberd+5
Serrated Dagger+5
Superior Gladiator Helm+5
Veldan's Hammer+5
Bound Bladestaff+4
Durable Club+4
Potion of Greater Stamina+4
Reinforced Giant Axe+4
Serrated Short Stiletto+4
Serrated Small Dagger+4
Shield of Arna+4
Shield of Defense+4
Superior Gladiator Leggings+4
Superior Platemail+4
Wizard Helm+4
Durable Giant Club+3
Durable Heavy Flail+3
Durable Maul+3
Durable Morning Star+3
Edged Short Sword+3
Gem Encrusted Rapier+3
Helm of Agility+3
Helm of Lesser Strength+3
Nimble Shield of the Drow+3
Recurved Oak Bow+3
Reinforced Axe+3
Serrated Falchion+3
Serrated Stiletto+3
Silver Gem Laden Choker+3
Silver Spoon+3
Superior Gladiator Armor+3
Superior Hardened Gloves+3
Bound Lance+2
Bound Trident+2
Chefs Cap+2
Durable War Hammer+2
Edged Bastard Sword+2
Edged Greatsword+2
Edged Long Sword+2
Edged Rapier+2
Engraved Staff Sling+2
Farming Almanac+2
Gold Pendant+2
Helm of Strength+2
Iron Edged Hatchet+2
Iron Edged Light Axe+2
Marksmans Wooden Bow+2
Necklace of Might+2
Obsidian Rapier+2
Potion of Cure Greater Disease+2
Potion of Freedom+2
Recurved Longbow+2
Reinforced Sickle+2
Serrated Dirk+2
Serrated Poignard+2
Stalkers Crossbow+2
Steel Studded Headband+2
Superior Axe+2
Superior Chain Gloves+2
Superior Hardened Helm+2
Superior Hardened Leggings+2
Superior Platemail Leggings+2
Bound Battle Staff+1
Bound Boar Spear+1
Bound Glaive+1
Bound Great Spear+1
Bound Pine Staff+1
Bound Spear+1
Durable Flail+1
Durable Skull Crusher+1
Edged Broadsword+1
Felling Axe+1
Fighters Crossbow of Dexterity+1
Fighters Crossbow of Fortitude+1
Glowing Belt+1
Glowing Ethereal Staff+1
Light Crossbow of Vigor+1
Mighty Belt+1
Potion of Greater Healing+1
Rat Tail+1
Reinforced Battle Axe+1
Reinforced Double Axe+1
Reinforced Great Axe+1
Reinforced Hatchet+1
Reinforced Light Axe+1
Reinforced Pole Axe+1
Reinforced War Axe+1
Small Crossbow of Dexterity+1
Superior Cestus+1
Superior Hardened Armor+1
Serrated Great Dagger