Name Holds Size Slots Weight Reduction Other
Alchemy ChestAlchemy ItemsSmall4850%
All Weapons CabinetAll WeaponsGiant640%
Armor CabinetAll ArmorGiant640%
Bag of DimensionAllBackpack854%
Bag of Many ThingsAllSmall320%
Cannon Ball ChestCannonballsSmall850%
Cannon ChestCannonsHuge850%
Chest of HoldingAllBackpack4025%No Drop
Chest of IronarmAllHuge240%
Cloth BagAllTiny80%
Cloth SackAllSmall80%
Dragon Hide QuiverArrowsTiny1675%
Feather BoxAllGiant1275%
Gem BagGemsTiny160%
Glowing Jewelry CaseJewelryTiny640%
Glowing Storage CrateAllBackpack3275%
Halloween BagAllSmall240%Event, No Drop
Halloween Trick or TreatAllSmall1225%No Drop
Head CasePlayer Heads1280%
Jewelry CaseJewelryTiny240%
Key RingKeysMicro1280%No Drop
Large KnapsackAllLarge160%No Drop
Large Mining PackBlacksmith ItemsLarge1620%
Large SackAllLarge80%
Laundry BagCloth ItemsSmall240%
Leather BagAllTiny80%
Leather PurseAllSmall120%
Missile Weapons CabinetRanged WeaponsGiant640%
Music BoxAllTiny80%
Old Worn PackAllSmall80%
Ore PouchOreSmall825%
Pirate's ChestAllLarge3220%
Potion BagPotionsSmall2415%
Rune BagRunesTiny2475%
Sail ChestSailsGiant850%
Sandy Claws BagAllHuge3270%
Seed BagSeedsMicro280%
Small CrateAllSmall80%
Storage CrateAllGiant240%
Tool ChestAllGiant160%
Weapons CabinetMelee WeaponsGiant640%
Wooden TrunkAllLarge160%