Glowing Storage Crate

Glowing Storage Crate

Gold: 4,121
Weight: 50
Type: Containers
Size: Backpack
Slots: 32

Holds: All
Weight Reduction: 75%
This item can be obtained from:
Skill Level Materials


This item is not a material in any tradeskills.

Sellers of this item: Email me when someone is selling
Server Seller Gold Price Token Price
Heroescodojuss14,000 ea5 for 1tMore Details
HeroesCoran75,000 ea1 for 1tMore Details

Buyers of this item: Email me when someone is buying
Server Buyer Gold Price Token Price
Heroeslunaabara1 for 1tMore Details
Heroeslunaabara10 for 13tMore Details
Legendscraigers6 for 5tMore Details
Legendstharen200310,000 ea5 for 1tMore Details

It is unknown which monsters drop this item.
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