Last active on: Oct 23, 2015
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Characters on Legends: Cobr, Autumn

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Cobr94 is selling:
Name Server Gold Price Token Price
Acid PotionLegends75 for 2tMore Details
Blood BandageLegends40 for 1tMore Details
Potion of Greater HealingLegends20 for 1tMore Details
Power HourLegends1 for 20tMore Details

Cobr94 is buying:
Name Server Gold Price Token Price
Bear ClawLegends1,500 ea50 for 1tMore Details
Corruptor's GreavesLegends1 for 15tMore Details
Corruptor's Ring of the IllusionLegends1 for 10tMore Details
Deathly Creators' GrimoireLegends1 for 10tMore Details
Destroyer's Banded MailLegends1 for 10tMore Details
Gauntlets of the RiteLegends1 for 10tMore Details
Necklace of LodaruLegends1 for 25tMore Details
Shield of Ethereal DarknessLegends1 for 5tMore Details