Last active on: Jun 17, 2019
Characters on Heroes: Leofric, Karanakka, Juela
Characters on Legends: Biffa Bacon, Mangor

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Mangor is selling:
Name Server Gold Price Token Price
Dragon BloodHeroes50 for 10tMore Details
Enchanted BloodrootHeroes1,000 ea100 for 10tMore Details
Exalted Flaming WandHeroesMore Details
Fine Sailor's BootsHeroes2,500,000 ea1 for 50tMore Details
Gloves of the Pirate FleetHeroes2,500,000 ea1 for 50tMore Details
Marvelous GreavesHeroes1,500,000 ea1 for 30tMore Details
Poison SacHeroes1,000 ea300 for 10tMore Details