Potions & Usables

Name Effect Other
Acid PotionCreates acid ammunition
BandageHeals HP (First Aid)
Berserker PotionBerserker rageNo Drop
Bilge PumpRepairs boat
Blood BandageHeals HP (First Aid), cures strong poison and disease
BloodrootHeals HP (First Aid), cures strong poison and disease
Disease UnguentCreates disease ammunition
Explosive PowderWeak area damage
FirecrackerExplosion with no damage
Flame UnguentCreates flame ammunition
Frost UnguentCreates frost ammunition
Incendiary PowderArea damage
Item Restoration Minor ToolsRestores 5 max item health
Item Restoration Superior ToolsRestores 50 max item health
Item Restoration ToolsRestores 25 max item health
KindlingCreates a campfire
Oil of JandrosIncreases stamina pool
Oil of RestorationRessurects player
Poison UnguentCreates poison ammunition
Potion of Body Resistance+5% body resistance
Potion of Cure DiseaseCures regular disease
Potion of Cure Greater DiseaseCures strong disease
Potion of Cure Greater PoisonCures strong poison
Potion of Cure Minor DiseaseCures weak disease
Potion of Cure Minor PoisonCures weak poison
Potion of Cure PoisonCures regular poison
Potion of DiseaseCures regular disease
Potion of Disease Resistance+5% disease resistance
Potion of FreedomRemoves immobility
Potion of Greater Body Resistance+10% body resistance
Potion of Greater DiseaseImbues weapon with strong disease
Potion of Greater Disease Resistance+10% disease resistance
Potion of Greater HealingHeals 550 HP
Potion of Greater PoisonImbues weapon with strong poison
Potion of Greater Poison Resistance+10% poison resistance
Potion of Greater RechargingRestores 275 item health
Potion of Greater RepairRestores 600 item health
Potion of Greater StaminaRestores 325 stamina
Potion of HealingHeals 250 HP
Potion of LycanthropyCures werewolf disease
Potion of Major HealingHeals 550 HP, cures strong poison and disease
Potion of Minor DiseaseImbues weapon with weak disease
Potion of Minor HealingHeals 75 HP
Potion of Minor PoisonImbues weapon with weak poison
Potion of Minor RepairRestores 50 item health
Potion of Minor StaminaRestores 50 stamina
Potion of Plant GrowthFaster plant growth
Potion of PoisonImbues weapon with regular poison
Potion of Poison Resistance+5% poison resistance
Potion of RepairRestores 125 item health
Potion of StaminaRestores 125 stamina
Potion of Stone GazeCures stone disease of another player
Potion of Superior HealingHeals 370 HP
Potion of Superior RepairRestores 275 item health
Potion of Superior StaminaRestores 200 stamina
Potion of TanningTans hides
RuneshardRedistributes 5 orbs
Silk BandageHeals HP (First Aid)
Throwing NetEnsnares target
Undead Cocktail+5% blunt resistance