Flame Arrows

Flame Arrows

Gold: 14
Weight: 0.2
Type: Ammunition
To Hit: +25
Damage Type: Body
Damage: +7
Size: Micro

+10 Bows
This item can be obtained from:
Skill Level Materials





This item is not a material in any tradeskills.

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Server Seller Gold Price Token Price
HeroesAlyora1,000 for 1tMore Details
HeroesCoran75,000 ea750 for 1tMore Details
HeroesEndryu1,000 for 1tMore Details
HeroesMemnon Bushin1,000 for 1tMore Details
LegendsDelight75 ea1,000 for 1tMore Details
LegendsMabel1,000 for 1tMore Details
Legendswell_devil1,000 for 1tMore Details

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LegendsThorodaleMore Details

It is unknown which monsters drop this item.
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