Last active on: Feb 25, 2019
Characters on Heroes: Isla Bonito
Characters on Legends: Warsong

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myxodus is selling:
Name Server Gold Price Token Price
Ancient Sword of AgonLegends1 for 15tMore Details
Blue Breastplate of RevengeLegends1 for 80tMore Details
Dragon Guard BreastplateLegends1 for 10tMore Details
Dragon Scale NecklaceLegends375,000 ea1 for 5tMore Details
Eternium GlovesLegends1 for 150tMore Details
Eternium HelmLegends1 for 300tMore Details
GoldLegends7,500,000 for 100tMore Details
Plate of Eagle Eye OrderLegends1 for 300tMore Details
Shield of Time ChainsLegends1 for 10tMore Details
White Fang's PeltLegends1 for 10tMore Details
Zule's Blood SwordLegends1 for 150tMore Details