Buyers on Legends

Name Buyer Quantity Gold Price Token Price Date Listed
Helm of the ChantLordBubbles1Mar 29, 2020More Details
CrossbowEndif_1Feb 23, 2020More Details
Boots of the StagWizfu11 for 300tFeb 11, 2020More Details
ThralleniteSevronUnlimited100 for 5,000tFeb 10, 2020More Details
BrimidianSevronUnlimited100 for 5,000tFeb 10, 2020More Details
Beekeeper's LeggingsSoulmage1Feb 2, 2020More Details
Neptune's RingSevron1Jan 17, 2020More Details
Neptune's RobeSevron1Jan 17, 2020More Details
Neptune's ShieldSevron1Jan 17, 2020More Details
Neptune's HelmetSevron1Jan 17, 2020More Details
Neptune's BracersSevron1Jan 17, 2020More Details
Neptune's BeltSevron1Jan 17, 2020More Details
Mystical Minotaur AxeSevron110911 for 400tJan 9, 2020More Details
Ruby Scarab RingTahree2Aug 3, 2019More Details
Ring of DarknessTahree2Aug 3, 2019More Details
Dark Ring of the GolemLordBubbles2Apr 16, 2019More Details
Wolverine BracerLordBubbles1Apr 16, 2019More Details
Ring Mail of the ViperLordBubbles1Apr 16, 2019More Details
Necklace of Lodarustarmead1Dec 27, 2018More Details
Sword of a Thousand Truthskillerwarrior1Sep 28, 2018More Details
Sword of a Thousand TruthsGengar1Apr 15, 2018More Details
Two Bladed Sawwindblade0115000Jan 29, 2018More Details
Grimoire of Ulthienwindblade0119,000 eaJan 29, 2018More Details
Smelter's Gloveswindblade01115,000 eaJan 29, 2018More Details
Hammer of the Ancient GodsRobel1Oct 7, 2017More Details
Helm of the Chantruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Corruptor's Greavesruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Ring of Saintly Corruptionruplinger2Jun 20, 2017More Details
Gleaming Blade of Lotorruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Cursestrikerruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details