Buyers on Heroes

Name Buyer Quantity Gold Price Token Price Date Listed
Farmer's RingDyrankor21 for 5tMar 25, 2020More Details
Neptune's RingSevron1Feb 10, 2020More Details
Neptune's ShieldSevron1Feb 10, 2020More Details
Neptune's RobeSevron1Feb 10, 2020More Details
Neptune's BracersSevron1Feb 10, 2020More Details
Neptune's BeltSevron1Feb 10, 2020More Details
ThralleniteSevronUnlimited100 for 5,000tFeb 10, 2020More Details
BrimidianSevronUnlimited100 for 5,000tFeb 10, 2020More Details
Mystical Minotaur AxeSevron110911 for 400tJan 12, 2020More Details
TokensLVenom10065,000 eaDec 19, 2016More Details
Hammer of the Ancient GodsTruckie1071Mar 20, 2016More Details
Sword of a Thousand TruthsMoska11 for 1,000tFeb 28, 2016More Details
Player Headtharen2003Unlimited5 ea100 for 1tDec 21, 2015More Details
Cloak of Artraxiskartsapallo11 for 10tAug 11, 2015More Details
Ring of Accursed Lightkartsapallo22 for 30tAug 11, 2015More Details
Gauntlets of the Ritekartsapallo11 for 20tAug 11, 2015More Details
All Weapons Cabinetlunaabara51 for 5tFeb 27, 2015More Details
Storage Cratelunaabara88 for 1tFeb 27, 2015More Details
Armor Cabinetlunaabara55 for 1tFeb 27, 2015More Details
Missile Weapons Cabinetlunaabara55 for 1tFeb 27, 2015More Details
Glowing Storage Cratelunaabara1010 for 13tFeb 27, 2015More Details
Glowing Storage Cratelunaabara11 for 1tFeb 27, 2015More Details
War Axe of Divine SerenityHeir To The Demon11,000,000 eaNov 18, 2014More Details
Razor Sharp Basilisk ToothHeir To The Demon1500,000 eaNov 18, 2014More Details
Gleaming Blade of LotorHeir To The Demon15,000,000 eaNov 18, 2014More Details
PlankCoran1000100,000 eaOct 16, 2014More Details
LogsCoran1000100,000 eaOct 16, 2014More Details
Gnarled LogCoran1000150,000 eaOct 16, 2014More Details
Old Growth LogCoran1000200,000 eaOct 16, 2014More Details
Iron OreCoran1000100,000 eaOct 16, 2014More Details