Sword of a Thousand Truths

Server: Heroes
Buyer: Spectre
Listed: Sep 5, 2013

Quantity: 1
Gold Price:
Token Price: 1 for 4,000t
Negotiable Price: no
Additional Info:
Other buyers of this item:
Server Buyer Gold Price Token Price
HeroesHore1 for 4,000tMore Details
HeroesMoska1 for 1,000tMore Details
HeroesNew Holland1 for 4,000tMore Details
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LegendsGengarMore Details
LegendsHore1 for 4,000tMore Details
LegendskillerwarriorMore Details
LegendsNew Holland1 for 4,000tMore Details
Legendsnostalgia1 for 5,000tMore Details
LegendsPoohBear1 for 4,500tMore Details
LegendsResira1 for 1,600tMore Details