Buyers on Legends

Name Buyer Quantity Gold Price Token Price Date Listed
Sword of a Thousand TruthsGengar1Apr 15, 2018More Details
Two Bladed Sawwindblade0115000Jan 29, 2018More Details
Grimoire of Ulthienwindblade0119,000 eaJan 29, 2018More Details
Smelter's Gloveswindblade01115,000 eaJan 29, 2018More Details
Hammer of the Ancient GodsRobel1Oct 7, 2017More Details
Helm of the Chantruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Corruptor's Greavesruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Ring of Saintly Corruptionruplinger2Jun 20, 2017More Details
Gleaming Blade of Lotorruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Cursestrikerruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Celestial Black Pendantruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Cannon BallsruplingerUnlimitedJun 20, 2017More Details
Bilge Pumpruplinger1Jun 20, 2017More Details
Mortarruplinger2Jun 20, 2017More Details
Heavy Cannonruplinger2Jun 20, 2017More Details
Ring of Flesh and Familyruplinger2Jun 20, 2017More Details
Sword of a Thousand TruthsResira11 for 1,600tNov 3, 2016More Details
Flame ArrowsThorodale1000Jul 23, 2016More Details
Glowing Storage Cratetharen2003110,000 ea5 for 1tOct 5, 2015More Details
Gauntlets of the RiteCobr9411 for 10tAug 26, 2015More Details
Necklace of LodaruCobr9411 for 25tAug 26, 2015More Details
Corruptor's Ring of the IllusionCobr9421 for 10tAug 26, 2015More Details
Shield of Ethereal DarknessCobr9411 for 5tAug 26, 2015More Details
Destroyer's Banded MailCobr9411 for 10tAug 26, 2015More Details
Corruptor's GreavesCobr9411 for 15tAug 26, 2015More Details
Deathly Creators' GrimoireCobr9411 for 10tAug 26, 2015More Details
Bear ClawCobr9420001,500 ea50 for 1tJun 23, 2015More Details
Crystalcloth Leggingscraigers1May 24, 2015More Details
Hardened Warden's Shieldcraigers1May 24, 2015More Details
Glowing Storage Cratecraigers16 for 5tMay 24, 2015More Details